UNIMATIC and MAAP Unveil Limited Edition Collaborative Watch

Melbourne-based MAAP and Italian watchmaker UNIMATIC have come together for a limited edition timepiece, designed with cycling enthusiasts in mind. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both brands, a debut watch for MAAP and the first titanium timepiece with a shockproof quartz movement for UNIMATIC.

The design approach for the UNIMATIC x MAAP Modello Quattro UT4-T-M combines the rugged charm of classic military style with modern functionality. Crafted from sandblasted Grade II titanium, this tool watch is meant to be both a style statement and a testament to durability, exemplified through its shockproof quartz movement. Its robust construction includes a 360ยฐ anti-shock protection system and water resistance up to 300 meters, making it an ideal companion for cyclists in various environmental conditions.

Limited to just 100 examples, the watch is meant to serve as a symbol of exclusivity and craftsmanship. It boasts a 12.00mm profile, providing comfort and practicality for wearers, both on and off the bike. Notably, MAAP co-branding can be found on the dial, strap and acid-etched at the caseback.

Reflecting MAAP’s commitment to top-tier production and materials, the watch is crafted in Italy, a nod to both MAAP’s manufacturing roots and the country’s rich cycling culture. The watch is set to release December 14 for a retail price of $1,145 USD via MAAP’s official site and comes with a custom Shadow Gray MAAP TPU quick-release strap, a classic Olive seatbelt nylon NATO strap and a special UNIMATIC x MAAP case.

“UNIMATIC’s impressive hit rate of pairing fresh design with function, attention to detail and high performance resonates with the ethos we’ve built at MAAP,” shared Misha Glisovic, MAAP’s Chief Creative Officer, adding “Coming from different fields yet uniting together in this way, we both share a vision of propelling technology and creativity forward with a fresh lens. The result is a perfect synthesis of our two worlds and a partnership we’re so proud of.”
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