Trophy Room and Students Team Up for a Golf Collection

From UNDEFEATED x Malbon to GOD SELECTION XXX x fragment design x Vessel, golf has seen an increasing number of high energy collaborations over the last few years. It’s a sign that the streetwear world is catching on to the sport’s newfound acceptance among people in their teens, twenties and thirties. One of the brands that has been pushing this movement is Students, a label that was founded by Michael Huynh of Publish Brand. Students’ signature graphic heavy tees, cargo pants and work shirts are far from what you typically see on tour, but they’re a breath of fresh air for people who don’t want to sacrifice their style on the links.

Its successes have also attracted the attention of Marcus Jordan of Trophy Room, so much so that the two have teamed up for a capsule collection. Consisting of five pieces, the collection titled “Everyone sees the trophies. No one saw the pain” is centered around an individual who grew up playing sports and winning trophies as a kid, only to find that successes are treated with more scrutiny as one comes of age.

The collection is highlighted by a Students cut-and-sew t-shirt with a superhero comic-like illustration of a person kissing a trophy and large “Regional Tour Champ” bubble font. For more country club appropriate wares, the brand and retailer team have also prepared a polo and mock neck constructed of lightweight polyester and decorated with the “Regional Tour Champ” graphic. Finally, a pair of lightweight nylon shorts in tan completes the look.

The collection is available from today exclusively through Trophy Room’s website and physical store in Orlando, Florida.
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