Studio Rap Outfits Urban Housing Entrances With 3D-Printed Ceramic Tiles

Dutch architectural design firm, Studio RAP has recently completed its New Delft Blue project, where they transformed a section of a residential building with with state-of-the-art 3D printed tiles.

Located in Delft, a historic and canal-ringed city in the Netherlands that’s best known for its blue-and-white, hand-painted ceramics. As a homage to the city’s tradition and unique crafts, Studio RAP reimagines the PoortMeesters’ courtyard entrances with intricately patterned, and 3D-printed tiles that are coated in a deep and transparent blue glaze.

Boasting a clean, and ultra-modern, multi-storeyed design, the residential complex is designed by VY architects and is also part of the city’s larger urban development. Each block’s gateway is now fitted with these nature-inspired tiles that illuminate the building with a splash of color. Around 3,000 tiles were used, all are custom-made and crafted using ceramic 3D printing.

Take a closer look at the project above, and see it in motion in the video below. To read more about the production of the New Delft Blue, head over to Studio RAP’s official website.

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