Rick Ross and Meek Mill Release New Single “SHAQ & KOBE”

Rick Ross and Meek Mill have reunited for a new track entitled “SHAQ & KOBE.”

With the reunion of the two Maybach Music Group rappers, the new track dives into the duo’s seasoned rap skills. Throughout the track the two talk about their opulent lifestyles and how they’ve gotten to this point in life. “Niggas wanna see you lose when you’re makin’ moves (Moves)/We bringin’ tools in any rooms, we tryna break the rules (Rules)/Niggas is haters, they ain’t goons, we tryna make them fool (Fool)/I never thought I’d make the Forbes before I make the news (Never),” raps Meek Mill at the beginning of the song.

Accompanying the D-Mo Did It and Fresh Ayr produced track is the music video which showcases the rappers in Rick Ross’ hanger for his Gulfstream 550 with a slew of cars and under a bridge with their entourage. With the new track, Rick Ross and Meek Mill have also announced their forthcoming collaborative album, Too Good to Be True, during an Apple Music 1 interview with Ebro Darden.

Although an official date is yet to come, Ross stated that the project is coming “ASAP.” Take a listen to “SHAQ & KOBE” in the video above.

In other news, a Las Vegas man has been charged with the 1996 murder of Tupac Shakur. 
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