Popcast (Deluxe) Mailbag: Selena Gomez, BTS and Doja Cat!

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This week’s episode of Popcast (Deluxe), the weekly culture roundup show on YouTube hosted by Jon Caramanica and Joe Coscarelli, is comprised completely of viewer and listener questions, and includes segments on:

The sub rosa pop superstardom of Selena Gomez, who has been proximate to many of the biggest ideas in pop over the past decade, but never quite at their center

The phases of BTS’s American success, both before and after it began anticipating how its music would be received in this country

The sudden rise of Renee Rapp, actress turned TikTok pot-stirrer turned would-be pop star

The persistence of Doja Cat, an unconventional pop star who seems immune to the frailties of ordinary pop stars, who aren’t allowed to deviate from their carefully crafted images

The idiosyncratic career choices of Earl Sweatshirt, who has rejected the conventions of rap stardom at every turn and instead continued to make advanced-placement hip-hop on his own terms

Songs of the week, including “Making Noise for the Ones You Love,” a new song from the Chicago band Ratboys, and “Ticking,” a track from the new self-titled album by the country-folk singer Zach Bryan

Snacks of the week

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