P.L.N. Spring 2024 Ups the Shock Factor at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Fashion can be used in many ways, but when it’s used as a weapon, a scare tactic, armor if you will, it’s often when fashion is its best — that is the key to P.L.N.‘s shock factor, as explored once again for Spring 2024‘s “Collection IIII.”

Debuted earlier today as part of Copenhagen Fashion Week, the Peter Lundvald Nielsen-helmed label has made a name for itself in a short amount of time. Now on its fourth collection, it’s come from the idea board to realization in three years, and each collection builds on “a raw and uncompromising visual expression.”

As the brand explains, “P.L.N. is a personal project… A walk through sentiments of disparate subcultures and their unbridled attitudes leads to an experimental play with silhouettes and proportions through craftsmanship. Each garment is an invitation to wear the piece intuitively and approach expression through exploration. P.L.N. creates clothes for the body from a human-centric perspective.”

As for “Collection IIII,” experimental riffs were at the fore throughout. Models had arms bandaged in skin-toned fabric, tights doubled as knee pads, mouthguards and nose pads distorted the face, clothes were splattered with “blood,” and latex second-skins were worn for the ultimate uncanny valley effect.

Clothes ranged from off-the-shoulder dresses that felt akin to raw meat packaging, sporty mesh tops crash-padded with baseball caps, Matrix-esque sex appeal in the form of vests trimmed in red faux fur, metallic silver dresses paired with heeled boots wrapped in duct tape, and plenty of plays on discomforting the silhouette.

For example, one model wore a coat over their head ร  la Uncle Fester, while this went on to influence various hooded looks that played on more luxurious headpieces. Take a look at the collection from P.L.N. above.

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