Nintendo Switch 2 was at Gamescom with enhanced Zelda claims rumour

Another insider suggests that the Switch 2 was at Gamescom last month, with a ‘souped up’ version of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

Nobody knows when Nintendo’s next console will be released, and everyone realises that trying to predict Nintendo is madness, but given the age of the current Switch a new format within the next 24 months seems a certainty.

The best guess is a Christmas 2024 launch but it’s harder to predict when it might be officially unveiled. Unofficially though, it seems to have had its debut at the Gamescom event last month.

The Switch 2 being at Gamescom has been rumoured several times before but now Eurogamer has chipped in, to say that the new console was there and that it was running an enhanced version of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

Eurogamer doesn’t claim to have seen the console itself, as it was only there to demonstrate to developers, but supposedly several tech demos were involved, including a ‘souped up’ version of Breath Of The Wild.

Many have speculated that the Switch 2 may launch with an enhanced version of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom but that’s not necessarily what’s going on here, as the Breath Of The Wild upgrade was literally just a tech demo and may not be something that will be released to the public.

There’s no mention of what the other tech demos were but Eurogamer adds that a 2024 launch is the plan, but that it will be released sooner rather than later if Nintendo is able (something that likely depends on manufacturing and component availability).

None of this answers the question of when the console will be announced but there are rumours of a Nintendo Direct happening next week.

However, normal logic would suggest that announcing it before Christmas, and potentially putting people off buying the current Switch, is not a good idea. Normal logic, though, is not something Nintendo often deals in.

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