London Government Rejects Building Stratford Sphere Venue

Since its opening earlier this year, the Las Vegas Sphere has garnered attention worldwide. Its revolutionary technological facade lets viewers experience visuals like never before, hosting a sold-out residency with Irish rock band U2.

Madison Square Garden Entertainment has proposed rebuilding the 90-meter-high music venue in London. The structure in Stratford, East London, would house 21,500 attendees and reside near the city’s Olympic Park. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has rejected the deal, claiming that it “would result in an unacceptable negative impact on local residents.”

When the Sphere was initially presented in 2018, Khan admired its state-of-the-art technology, saying, “It’s great to welcome another world-class venue to the capital, to confirm London’s position as a music powerhouse and to boost still further our city’s thriving night-time economy.”

The government concluded its rejection this week by stating that the intense illumination would “cause significant light intrusion resulting in significant harm to the outlook of neighboring properties, detriment to human health, and significant harm to the general amenity enjoyed by residents of their own homes.”

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