Kevin Costner Did Not Hold Back in His Response to Ex Christine Baumgartner’s Latest 'Oppressive' Request

If you’ve been keeping up with celebrity splits in recent months, it’s no longer news to you that Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner‘s divorce is getting messier by the minute. In fact, the two have continued to go after each other in every part of the divorce, from her move-out date from their home to each other’s spending habits. Now, the two have continued accusations yet again, this time relating to their “extramarital romantic relationships.”

That’s right, in Baumgartner’s recent request for documents from the Yellowstone star, she requested proof of spending for Costner’s “extramarital romantic relationships.” His response to that request, however, did not hold back. “Respondent has no responsive documents for ‘extramarital romantic relationships’ in which he engaged because he engaged in none,” Costner’s lawyers wrote in court documents, Us Weekly reports.

In addition to setting the record straight on his fidelity to his ex-wife of 19 years, Costner’s lawyers also made a not-so-subtle dig at Baumgartner’s loyalty. “Costner does not know for a fact if [Baumgartner] engaged in any ‘extramarital romantic relationships’ before separation and, if so, whether she spent any of his money or charged any expenses in furtherance of her affair(s) on credit cards he paid,” the documents state.

Most of all, it seems like Costner and his lawyers were upset at the request in the first place. “[The request was] propounded only for purposes of harassment,” the documents state, and are “overbroad as to time period and subject matter, burdensome, oppressive and impermissibly compound.”

If you’re wondering why Baumgartner requested these documents in the first place, the former handbag designer requested them to get a full picture of Costner’s finances. “[The court] will receive evidence regarding [Costner’s] gross cash flow available for support and anticipated future income,” Baumgartner’s lawyers requested.

Shortly after the request, however, Baumgartner accused Costner of “withholding” information. “[Baumgartner] will be unable to present any evidence that [Costner] has chosen to withhold from discovery,” documents stated.

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