Instagram’s New Feature Transforms Photos Into Stickers

Instagram is testing out a new tool that allows users to create custom stickers. The beta feature was shared by CEO Adam Mosseri in a video uploaded to his broadcast channel.

In the clip, Mosseri demonstrates how the feature allows one to select the subject of an image, remove it from its background and then use the isolated subject as a sticker that can be applied to both Stories and Reels.

The tool is relatively straightforward and pretty intuitive to use, as it’s similar to the sticker creation capabilities of Snapchat.

Mosseri mentioned that, beyond users being able to cut out stickers from their own photos, they can create stickers from “eligible images you see on Instagram.” He didn’t elaborate on what would make a photo “eligible,” though it likely means users would be able to opt to give followers permission to cut stickers from their photos.

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