Epic Exit Games in Calgary and Edmonton!

Escape games are one of the most enjoyable forms of entertainment to enter our culture in recent years. When people are bored of the same old activities, like shopping and watching movies, they start to crave something more. Something different. Something exciting. Escape games definitely fill the need for an exciting form of entertainment. For people in Calgary and Edmonton, Escapehour is where it’s at.

The company offers an innovative mix of locker room games for players to enjoy. So do you need a big group of people to enjoy an escape room? And are they too difficult for newcomers to get to grips with? Thank fully, there’s no need for a large number of players to enjoy the escape games at Escape Hour. In fact, all you need is one other person! All of the games on offer at the moment are suitable for as few as two people.

This makes an escape room experience the perfect choice for a couple looking for something a bit different! Equally, an escape room experience is also a great choice for a larger group. Some of the games at Escape Hour, such as The Lost Jewel of Zanzibar, can be played by 8 people at once. In fact, the game with the largest capacity, Prohibition – The Lucky Duck, can be enjoyed by a group of 10!

No matter how many people you’re looking to get locked in a room with, Escape Hour has something for you! One of the features which sets Escape Hour aside from other escape rooms is the range of complexity on offer. Escape Hour gives each of its games a difficulty rating, ranging from 1 to 5 puzzle pieces. The current games on offer range from 2 puzzle pieces in difficulty, all the way through to 4 puzzle pieces.

This means there is something for everyone. If you’re trying your first ever escape game, you can go for an easier option. Seasoned veterans can pick a tougher challenge! If you’re looking for excellent entertainment in Calgary or Edmonton, look no further than Escape Hour. The company are always innovating, bringing the freshest and best range of escape games out there.

There’s no risk of getting bored, as Escape Hour constantly add new games. If you prefer your escape experience to be a little more high tech, try one of the upcoming virtual reality escape experiences! Give the escape games at Escape Hour a go for yourself. Until you do, you’ll never know how fun it is to be locked in a room with other people!