Architect and Designer Daniel Germani Unveils Mondrian-Inspired Outdoor Kitchen

Architect and designer Daniel Germani has unveiled a Piet Mondrian-inspired outdoor kitchen unit, produced in collaboration with luxury stainless steel appliance manufacturer Danver.

The collaborative kitchen acts as an expansion of the brand’s Cosmopolitan Collection and features a minimal design that exemplifies both form and function. Notably, design elements tap into the minimalist primary colors often utilized by Mondrian, like those found in his famous New York City I (1941) work.

Germani and Danver bring the kitchen to life through a robust powder-coated stainless steel construction and an aluminum frame, ensuring durability and weather resistance in various climates. The kitchen’s design is adaptable and versatile, characterized by unique stainless steel drawers and storage boxes. These elements can be hung from the top rail or attached to the lower shelf, maintaining the functionality and flexibility that has become associated with the Danver brand.

A notable aspect of the Cosmopolitan Kitchen is its compatibility with a range of appliances. It accommodates the innovative Invisacook, as well as drop-in grills, induction cooktops and other electric cookers — making it an ideal choice for areas where gas grills are impractical or prohibited. Adding to its sleek design, the kitchen includes an Invisacook control module storage drawer, which mounts directly underneath the countertop for a streamlined appearance.

Price and availability for the Danver x Daniel Germani Cosmopolitan Kitchen are available upon request via the manufacturer’s official site.
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