‘Young Royals’ Season 3 First Look Clip Takes Prince Wilhelm & Simon to the Royal Palace

Netflix is providing the first glimpse at the third and final season of their hit series, Young Royals, and it teases some big news for Prince Wilhelm and Simon!

It’s been just under a year since the second season of the show came to a conclusion with the Swedish prince and heir to the throne (Edvin Ryding) publicly coming out as gay during a televised speech. In the process, he reaffirmed his feelings for his classmate and boyfriend Simon (Omar Rudberg), bringing an end to questions about if they’d be together.

The third season is set to premiere in 2024, and Netflix gave fans a hint at what’s to come with a first look clip.

Head inside to watch the Young Royals Season 3 first look clip…

The first glimpse at the show’s third season, which is in Swedish but dubbed in English, finds Wilhelm and Simon at the royal palace.

“I can’t believe that you are here,” the prince tells his boyfriend. However, it seems like there is some tension as both agree that they aren’t there for a great reason.

Despite that, Wilhelm takes Simon off, seemingly for an intimate moment before a big meeting. It’s not entirely clear what’s going on just yet, but hopefully the couple is able to navigate the situation and find a happily ever after.

We’ll let you know once we have more information about the new season of Young Royals! In the meantime, catch up with all things Netflix-related.

Press play on the first look at the third season of Young Royals below…

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