Shakira Goes Jet Skiing with Kids in Miami for Labor Day

Shakira‘s hips don’t lie, and neither do these photos when it comes to how great of a weekend she’s having with her little ones … just take a look for yourself.

The Colombian singer was down in Miami Monday with her two children, Milan and Sasha, and what appear to be a few friends of theirs … who got treated to a little jet ski excursion on the water, with Mama Bear leading the way.

Check it out … you see Shakira taking a couple of the boys along for a ride — with everyone wearing life vests … and the kiddos holding on for dear life and Shakira tears it up.

Nothin too crazy, of course — but you can tell they were catching some speed for a bit.

Shakira Through the Years

Now, the other thing to take note of here is the fact that Shakira appears to be flying solo — namely, there isn’t a dude (aside from the jet ski guy) in sight … which is interesting.

There’ve been dating rumors about her swirling all year — everyone from Lewis Hamilton to Jimmy Butler have been mentioned as potential flames … as has Drake and even Tom Cruise. The only one of those dudes she’s actually been spotted with though is LH.

Shakira Performance Pics

Whoever she is or isn’t dating feels kinda meaningless, though, in a scenario like this. Mami clearly cn do bad all by herself.😎

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