Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Christmas card leaves royal fans asking ‘what has happened?’

Prince William and Kate Middleton's Christmas card has left royal fans questioning if the image had been photoshopped as Prince Louis appeared to be missing a finger and Kate and William seemed to be missing a leg.

The Christmas family portrait, photographed by Josh Shinner, showed the Royal Family gathered sweetly around a chair as they all smiled for the camera.

Princess Charlotte was sitting in the chair with her legs crossed while her two brothers stood on either side and her parents stood behind them. The photo, which was shared on The Prince and Princess of Wales' X account, showed the family wearing matching long-sleeved white shirts and trousers.

While at first glance, the image seemed nothing more than a lovely black and white family photo, eagle-eyed royal fans have accused the royals of photoshopping and pointed out several blunders.

Fans quickly commented on the photo posted to social media, with many pointing out that Prince Louis seemed to be “missing a finger”.

One said: “Louis is missing a finger; this has got to be the worst Photoshopped pic ever," while another added: “What has happened to Prince Louis' finger?”

A third questioned: “Is Prince Louis missing a finger? What in the AI is going on?”

Many other fans jumped to their defence and explained that the young royal simply had his hand spread out over the chair. One explained: “There is no missing or partial finger(s) in the photo. His middle and ring fingers are simply splayed apart due to the way he has his hand on the arm of the chair."

A royal source also told the Daily Mail: "It's not photoshopped. It seems as if he just bent his finger over. He's certainly not lost a finger – don't worry about that!"

This wasn’t the only blunder pointed out, as fans questioned where Kate Middleton and Prince William’s other leg was, as only one of their legs was visible under the chair.

One person wrote: “Consider the angle of his (Prince William's) supposed right leg, his left leg should be visible in the chair opening unless he's trying to do a split?”

Others pointed out that the picture shouldn’t be called a ‘Christmas card’ but rather a ‘family portrait’ as there wasn’t anything particularly Christmassy in the photo.

“It’s a beautiful family portrait… But please don’t call this “Christmas Card” ! Call it family portrait which is what it is. You should check the dictionary or google what “Christmas card” means Seems you forgot it," one person wrote.

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