‘My DIY SOS ‘bodge job’ with Nick Knowles could’ve killed someone’

Nick Knowles and the BBC's DIY SOS team are in hot water, with dad Peter Chapman claiming they did a 'bodge job' that could have 'killed someone'.

The claims emerged after the 64-year-old, who is a full-time carer for his wife and daughter, appeared on the show in 2020 but alleged work carried out by the TV series has wrecked his life, according to The Sun.

The 'bodge job' apparently included wall bars on the toilet for Peter's wheelchair-using wife Sarah, 59, and daughter Suzanne, 39, coming off on the first day, along with part of their hallway collapsing too.

The incident is said to have taken place back in 2020 and while it appears Peter and his family were offered £15,000 in compensation, they refused it, as they believed that repairs would cost double.

It's thought they've been in dispute with the BBC ever since – around three and a half years.

Peter, who has been in "tears" over this, alleged: “DIY SOS has robbed me of the last three years and the stress is killing me.

"My wife Sarah and daughter Suzanne have not been able to use the outdoor facilities that were built by DIY SOS because it is now in a dangerous condition, which they were made aware of and they acknowledged over two years ago but nothing was done.

“On the first day after taking possession of the house from DIY SOS, Sarah nearly fell in the bathroom, which could have been fatal, when the wall bars around the toilet came away from the wall while she was using them. Also, part of the floor collapsed in the hallway, while I was walking on it, which again could have been fatal for my wife or my daughter.”

Peter then went onto claim to The Sun that things were done 'too quickly' and were all for 'TV effect' as many other things needed fixing too.

The alleged list included a leaking roof as he uses buckets to collect dripping water, cracks that have appeared in the decking on the patio, making it unsafe for wife Sarah to come out onto in her wheelchair, and that producers failed to return some of his family photographs.

A BBC spokesperson said: “DIY SOS is a heart-warming programme that brings communities together and helps improve the lives of those in need thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who give up their time to participate. As with all of our previous projects, the Charlton Kings build was planned and completed in accordance with the necessary required regulatory approvals and signed off onsite by building control.”

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