Model From Funeral Runway Walk Says It's What Dead Friend Wanted

Model Erica L. Carrington is getting a lot of heat for her runway walk at her designer pal’s funeral, but says she doesn’t regret doing it one bit … claiming it’s exactly what her late friend would’ve wanted.

Erica joined us on “TMZ Live” Tuesday to talk about her moment at the “Red Carpet Viewing” of her friend and fashion designer, Vernest Moore — revealing the entire weekend celebration was planned out ahead of time, with early talks coming from Vernest himself.

She says her decision to strut her stuff to his open casket is exactly how Vernest would’ve wanted to be sent off … and she says those in attendance were on board with it too.

Erica says she still gets emotional thinking about the loss of Vernest, saying she was with him in some of his final moments, and admits her nerves got the best of her before making her mark at his viewing.

As we reported, some were confused by Erica’s choice at Vernest’s ceremony, but others loved the idea. Erica says it was all the more special because she wore one of Vernest’s designs.

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