Man Attacked By Furry At Huntington Beach Meetup, Wild Video Shows

A hairy situation unfolded during a furry meetup at the beach … after things turned physical and one man was conked in the head with a megaphone.

The fist-to-paw scuffle went down in Huntington Beach Saturday — according to the video, the furry donning a pirate hat used their megaphone to push up against the man who was filming, threatening to force them to leave if he didn’t do so willingly.

Things turned ugly fast … the furry whacked him in the head with the megaphone, and more folks rushed over to the scene as things were taken to the sand. Another furry even came into the mix as the crowd grew around them.

The man who took the beating started screaming after the brawl was over … shouting, “This is what furries do to you!” Unclear exactly what led to all of this — but some online claimed the guy filming them was what set the whole thing off.

It’s also unclear if the fandom’s beach bash resumed after all was said and done … or if everyone headed home with their tails tucked between their legs.

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