Kate Middleton accidentally revealed the secret name she goes by on shopping trip

Kate Middleton is said to have revealed a secret name she goes by after speaking to a shopkeeper.

The Princess of Wales spent time with William, Prince of Wales in a farmhouse near the seaside town of Rhosneigr shortly after their marriage in 2011, where William was working as a search and rescue pilot at the time.

The couple spent time in the town and were often seen shopping by locals as they went around town.

It was during a shopping trip that Kate used the name, after she reportedly forgot her purse after trying to hire a wetsuit.

The shopkeeper at the watersports store, Dave Buckland, didn’t know who Kate was at the time and so asked if he could take a name so she could pick up the wetsuit later on.

The name she gave him was ‘Mrs Cambridge’ – in reference to her other title the Duchess of Cambridge.

A source told theMail On Sundayback in 2012: "He was looking straight at her and actually commented that it was quite an unusual surname. He hadn't a clue who she was.

“She just smiled and said she'd be back. He hasn't lived it down since."

It's not the only way Kate has been reported to slip under the radar either.

The Princess is said to have a trick which allows her to enjoy time outside, without being spotted by members of the public.

According to former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown in her new book The Palace Papers, Kate has been known to set her alarm to the early hours of the morning so she can could enjoy some time alone before anyone else appeared, according to the magazine.

By setting off for some solo adventures at dawn, Kate could then also avoid photographers and reporters, as well as regular people going about their day.

With no one to follow her around at that time of the day, the princess could also "nourish her life", Tina explained.

In more recent times, Kate managed to slip under the radar earlier this month as she attended a music festival in an understated look.

The Princess attended the Houghton Hall music festival in a pair of blue jeans, white trainers and a pink blazer, allowing her to blend in with many of the festival's other attendees.

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