Josie Gibson ‘goes all gooey’ over hunky celeb guest with Rochelle Humes on This Morning

Josie Gibson and her This Morning co-presenter Rochelle Humes rather enjoyed Monday's guest musician, 14 August.

Visiting the studio was none other than Italian icon Andrea Bocelli's son Matteo to promote his brand-new single Chasing Stars, but it wasn't just his vocal skills that got the ladies going.

"I cannot believe how tall you are," gasped Josie, 38, as the 6'5'' crooner stood up and chuckled back: "This is how they made me! I’m very tall! And I have to accept it!"

"Some people have got it all haven’t they?" quipped the blonde host, before ex-The Saturdays band member Rochelle, 34, pointed out: "He was blessed with the beautiful stick wasn’t he? We’re talking like he’s not here…"

This preceded Matteo's performance for the cameras, which itself sent flutters directly down to Josie's core.

"I’ve gone all gooey… it does funny things to you doesn’t it!" she commented once he'd put the microphone down.

"It does to you, girl. She really enjoyed that… I really enjoyed it but Josie REALLY enjoyed it!" joked Rochelle.

In her exclusive OK! interview back in June, former Big Brother winner Josie candidly discussed her unconventional ascension to the big leagues of TV presenting – now rubbing shoulders with Holly Willoughby on a regular basis.

"My career is a complete fluke," she claimed, "I didn't think I was even going to go on Big Brother, and then when I got out, I thought that I'd quite like to do some presenting. I wasn’t very good at the start, because I couldn’t see the autocue, but then I had my eyes lasered, and This Morning gave me a chance.

"Fair play to the show – they even stuck with me after I had a panic attack in the studio because I was so nervous. But they really nurtured me and they’ve been brilliant to me.

"I cannot believe I work on This Morning. I actually cannot get over it. If someone had told me I’d present one of the biggest daytime TV shows I would have laughed in their face. I feel so grateful and honoured."

There's a mantra she wants everyone to abide by, too, which is universal politeness.

"Always be polite to everybody," she told us. "Be even more polite to the people at the bottom, because the ones who are making your tea and coffee, one day they will be your editors and they will be your producers."

Catching up with Closer magazine this month, the Bridget Jones-esque star got onto the subject of body positivity, having massively fluctuated in weight over the years.

"I got body confident after I had [four year old son Reggie] because I displayed this brand new respect for my body," shared Josie.

"You appreciate your body in a different way after giving birth. It is what it is. I’m just thankful for things that it’s given me and when I look at myself, I think my body is just amazing."

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV from 10am.

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