Jeremy Renner does twice-a-day sessions in a hyperbaric chamber to recover

I’m fascinated by the way athletes “recover” from their sports and injuries. Like, ice baths and cryotherapy… it’s sort of cool to me. Some athletes swear by their hyperbaric chambers too. The science behind it is pretty cool, and it basically increases your oxygen levels and helps you heal/recover faster. Well, Jeremy Renner is still doing a lot of physical rehab following his nearly-fatal snowplow accident in January. The reporting at the time had me convinced that Renner would die from his injuries. But by April, he was recovered enough to walk on a red carpet gingerly, and with some aid. Well, Renner is still doing the physical rehab and part of that includes time in the hyperbaric chamber.

Jeremy Renner is sharing the oxygen treatment he undergoes twice a day. On Sunday, the 52-year-old actor posted a selfie on his Instagram Story while receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy as he continues to recover from his Jan. 1 snowplow accident.

“Hyperbaric chamber, 2 atmosphere pressure, high oxygen, 2x daily,” the Hawkeye star wrote over the photo.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers can be used to treat several medical conditions, including crushing injuries like Renner’s. Human body tissue needs oxygen to function, and the air people breathe is 21% oxygen. Hyperbaric oxygen chambers create an environment where patients can breathe 100% oxygen, according to the FDA. Once a patient is in the chamber, the air pressure in the unit is raised to a level about 2 or 3 times higher than normal, which helps the lungs collect more oxygen. The oxygen goes through the bloodstream and essentially overflows into tissues, which can speed up the healing process.

In addition to injuries, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be used to treat other medical conditions like burns, severe anemia, carbon monoxide poisoning, radiation injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and more. It is also commonly used for treating scuba and deep-sea divers affected by the rapid pressure change.

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Yeah, I would imagine that Renner invested in a chamber for his home while he recovers, and that his recovery is still being heavily monitored by doctors. The man broke 30 bones. His leg and chest were crushed by a giant snow plow. The doctor who helped him at the scene had to apply a tourniquet so he wouldn’t bleed out in the snow. His recovery is hands-down remarkable. And yes, I sort of want a hyperbaric chamber.

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