David Dobrik Hosts Pickleball Tournament with Blake Gray, Landon Barker & More!

David Dobrik hosted the CELSIUS Pickleball Classic at his house last Friday (August 25) in Los Angeles.

The YouTube star was joined by several other influencers and young celebs for the sporting event, which he teamed up with CELSIUS fitness drinks to put on.

Stars playing in the tournament included Blake Gray, Landon Barker, Madison Pettis, Tessa Brooks and Taylor Lautner, who was David‘s teammate. Also in attendance included Madison Beer, Josh Richards and more.

David and Taylor actually ended up winning the tournament, with a $50,000 prize being donated to The Lemons Foundation, founded by Taylor‘s wife Tay. The foundation is “focused on continuously building a community whose goal is to support and encourage those struggling with their mental health and to provide resources for you and the ones you love.”

“I’m just I’m a big fan of pickleball,” David told Distractify about the event. “And I’m like, a bigger fan of having people around my house. So this is like the perfect combination of everything from friends to my favorite drink [CELSIUS], a combination of fun things. So I’m really excited.”

Browse through the gallery to see 40+ photos of the celebs at the Pickleball tournament…

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