‘Charlotte is sharing girlie moments with Kate – she has the perfect role model’

The Prince and Princess of Wales have worked incredibly hard to protect the privacy that their three children are afforded. But as the years go by, they are slowly introducing them to the importance of royal engagements.

This gentle upbringing, largely governed by the modern principles in early years development, is something that former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond feels will serve Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis well in the future.

Speaking about Princess Charlotte in particular, Jennie notes that the young royal is surrounded by many wonderful female role models who will provide an excellent education on the intricacies of royal life.

Speaking exclusively to OK!, Jennie notes: "Charlotte strikes me as quite a confident young lady but, with two brothers, she will no doubt be looking to her mother and other women in the family as role models.

"All three children have a claim to think of themselves as pretty special to their parents: George because he is the heir, Charlotte because she’s the only girl, and Louis because he’s the youngest.

"Charlotte is reaching the age when she can really appreciate her mother’s sense of style and they can share 'girlie' moments together. Catherine also provides the perfect role model for how to behave as a senior member of the royal family."

Away from her mother's obvious guiding hand, Jennie adds that both the Duchess of Edinburgh and her daughter Lady Louise Windsor are excellent female role models for the young royal.

She tells us: "Similarly, I’m sure Great Aunt Sophie is fun to be around and is someone Charlotte could emulate. And then there’s Lady Louise, a lovely girl who is incredibly down to earth. She worked in a garden centre, is very sporty and is closer in age to Charlotte.

"So, although she’s the only daughter in her own family, there are plenty of royal role models for her to follow." As well as their joint appearance at the Commonwealth Games in 2022, it emerged following a summer holiday in Balmoral that Lady Louise had been taking time to teach her younger cousin how to draw pictures of rabbits and deer.

Jennie's comments after leading body language expert Judi James also pointed out that Princess Charlotte has a keen role model in Princess Beatrice. Speaking to the Express, Judi said, "The pose where little Princess Charlotte gazed up at her ‘auntie Beatrice’ at Eugenie’s wedding showed Beatrice could well be Charlotte’s favourite royal friend."

The expert also observed a moment between the two where young Charlotte comforted Beatrice. "There was an even more touching moment between the two at Philip’s memorial service. Beatrice was overcome by emotion during the service, weeping loudly and even hiding her entire face behind her hymn sheet at one point. It was little Charlotte who looked back from the front row with an expression of concern, prompting Beatrice to offer a small smile and nod of thanks to reassure Charlotte she was okay."

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