Carol Vorderman, 62, admits to having ‘Botox and treatments’ to face and neck

Carol Vorderman has revealed she has had "Botox and treatments" to keep herself looking young.

The mathematician joined Channel 4's Countdown show back in 1982, from then on she has become known for her beauty and brains.

The 62-year-old insists that keeping on-top of her youthful looks is part of being in the television business.

Mum-of-two Carol insists that Botox and other beauty treatments are just "part of the job," adding: "It would be less important if I weren’t on the telly."

She continued to tell The Times: "I have Botox and a lot of treatments to my face and neck. Everyone does."

When asked if she thinks of herself as “amazingly foxy”, she laughed.

Carol replied: "No. I know where I sit." Continuing the conversation about her critics, She added: "I’ve had Tory MPs saying to me, ‘You Botoxed, pumped-up…’ They say awful things,"

The presenter, who has hosted Loose Women and Have I Got News For You, has been vocal about her dislike of the Conservative governments policies and actions.

She believes that their insults are used as a "distraction" from the real issues.

Carol recently accused Conservative MP Johnny Mercer’s wife of harassing her on social media, sharing a screenshot of the comments aimed at her from Felicity Cornelius-Mercer.

She posted: "I've been harassed by ⁦Johnny Mercer's⁩ wife for months. This is from just one day in April + much more abuse elsewhere.

"I didn't respond at all. Until he mocked military using foodbanks. She's paid £45k on MP expenses (+200% pay rise) to do this?"

She’s is also said to have had a bitter fallout with former friend Michelle Mone over the Covid PPE contract scandal.

Carol accused Michelle’s husband of using payments from government contracts during the pandemic to fund a luxury lifestyle, and in a blistering interview on This Morning earlier this year, Carol said she had “dropped her like a stone” when she discovered Michelle’s alleged links to the controversy.

She ended the chat by looking directly at the camera and saying: “Sue me, Michelle.”

Carol has built up a loyal following on her social media and recently celebrated hitting an Instagram milestone of 400,000 followers.

She announced the news with a video montage and at the start of the video Carol is seen posing for a mirror selfie in a leopard print bikini before she's also captured working up a sweat in the gym.

Other shots include her parading in various glamourous outfits, including black leather, red PVC, and a stunning gown at the Pride of Britain Awards.

One fan said: "You're such a queen, brains as well as beauty. No f**** ever given, Vordders our next prime minister. Someone we should all aspire to be."

Another added: "It's my favourite account on Instagram. love your posts they brighten up my dreary day."

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