Busta Rhymes Drops 'Luxury Life' Featuring Coi Lreay

Busta Rhymes recently dropped a new single, “Luxury Life,” featuring rapper Coi Leray.

“Aye, you gon’ hold me down mama?” the Brooklyn rapper kicks off track. “Best believe in me daddy, now what you ’bout to do?” responds Leray.

The track samples “Seven Minutes of Funk” from The Whole Darn Family, most commonly recognized in JAY-Z‘s 1996 hit “Ain’t No N**ga” featuring Foxy Brown.

“Luxury Life” is the second collaboration between the two musicians. Earlier this year, Busta Rhymes added a guest verse to Leray’s “Players” which samples his 1997 hit “Put You Hands Where My Eyes Could See.”

(Photo: Joseph “Jo Lenz” Kindred)

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