Brielle Biermann Not Pregnant, Just Kim Zolciak Posting Clickbait For Money

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann‘s financial situation is so dire the family is turning to trick pregnancy announcements involving Brielle Biermann as a way to make money.

Here’s the deal … in a social media post, Kim strongly suggested daughter Brielle was pregnant, sharing a sonogram and saying she was “SO EXCITED TO BE A GRANDMA.”

Kim Zolciak

Kim turned comments off on the post and it links back to a clickbait news article reading, “Oh baby! Brielle Biermann spilled to us about having kids and how she feels about her mom Kim Zolciak becoming a grandma.”

Kroy Biermann Sued by Chase Bank Over 5-Figure Credit Card Balance

Kroy Biermann Sued by Chase Bank Over 5-Figure Credit Card Balance

Turns out, it’s all bogus and just a way for Kim to make a quick buck.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Brielle isn’t actually pregnant despite Kim’s post suggesting otherwise, and Kim is getting a financial kickback from the clickbait article.

Kim and Kroy’s financial struggles have been well documented … starting with the alleged $1 million they owe the IRS and various lawsuits against them for unpaid bills.

As we first told you … earlier this month Kim was sued by Bank of America for over $50K in credit card debt. Kim was also sued in August by SAKS/CAPITAL ONE for failing to pay a $156K credit card bill.

We reached out to reps for Kim and Brielle … so far no word back.

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