Al Pacino's Girlfriend Noor Alfallah Says She Doesn't Want to Marry Him

Al Pacino‘s getting zero pressure to get hitched to the mother of his infant son — not from her, anyway — because Noor Alfallah tells us she’s just not big on the institution of marriage.

We got the legendary actor’s girlfriend in Bevy Hills and asked how things are going with Al.

Noor says she loves him, but they’re not discussing holy matrimony on the heels of having a baby boy together — she explains it’s not a hot topic for the couple because, “I’m not the marrying type.”

TMZ broke the story … Al and Noor are still together after hammering out a child support and child custody agreement for their baby boy, Roman, which calls for Al to fork over $30k per month.

Al’s a father again at 83 years old, Noor is about to turn 30 and Roman was just born in June — but, according to Noor, none of those numbers add up to Pacino’s first marriage.

As for Roman’s first Christmas … Noor tells us if the family’s planning to spend the holidays together.

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