Aaron Rodgers Reveals He Won't Return To Jets This Season

Aaron Rodgers will not make a miraculous comeback to the Jets this season after all … the quarterback just revealed he’s still about a month away from being fully healthy.

The NY quarterback broke the news just minutes ago on “The Pat McAfee Show” … saying his body is just not quite ready for him to get back under center for the Jets in 2023.

He told Pat he’s close — but his leg still needs about 3-to-4 weeks to possibly get to “100 percent.”

“If I was 100 percent today,” the 40-year-old said on the show, “I’d be pushing to play.”

Rodgers initially blew out his Achilles on Sept. 11 — and he worked like a mad man to try to make his return to the Jets this weekend.

Aaron Rodgers Carried Off Field With Injury During First Career Jets Drive

Aaron Rodgers Carried Off Field With Injury During First Career Jets Drive

He had said the decision would be contingent upon two things — if he was healthy enough, and if the Jets were in playoff contention.

However, neither situation came to fruition — and Rodgers seemed to make it clear to McAfee he’s now turning his sights toward getting ready for 2024.

“Now without a timetable to come back obviously we can be as smart as we can be,” Rodgers said.

What’s interesting — the QB was asked during his appearance on the show if next season would be his last … and he said frankly, “I don’t think so.”

He explained that moving on from Green Bay to New York gave him “a renewed passion for the game.”

The 5-9 Jets will now officially have to finish off their season without their superstar against Washington, Cleveland and then New England.

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