Woman upgrades 'ungrateful' boyfriend's plane ticket to first class and he's furious – but people say SHE'S in the wrong

A WOMAN has divided opinion after she paid to upgrade her boyfriend to first class as a suprise.

The 19-year-old woman was travelling with her boyfriend to meet her parents, when she decided to upgrade his seat after her dad's frequent flyer miles meant she was given a free first class upgrade.

She explained: "Since we were going together, I decided to upgrade my boyfriend's seat as well (I covered the extra cost and didn't expect him to pay/pay me back).

"This is his first time on a plane and figured It would be an enjoyable experience flying first class for him."

However, she said that while at first he was excited, he then became annoyed when he realised the first class upgrades weren't free from the airline, but from her.

She continued: "He's upset because we agreed to business class (we both paid individually because he didn't feel comfortable with me paying for him) and I went behind his back to arrange this.

"I told him that they'd upgraded my seat and I thought it'd be fun to fly this way and we should obviously sit together.

"He asked me to apologise for going behind his back but I refused too. He was fine with the upgrade until he found out I paid for it and I don't get why it was such a big deal."

She added that she decided to do it as her boyfriend "constantly pays for things" like dinner and days out, but that he said he felt "emasculated".

Some people were on her side.

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One person said: "This is straight up toxic masculinity. [She] should really re-evaluate if she wants to be in a relationship with someone who wants her to be his financial inferior"

Another person agreed: "If you paying to do something nice for him makes him feel like that, then he has not matured enough to handle an adult level relationship."

Someone even said: "I'd love it if someone did this for me. What an awesome surprise."

However most people said she was in the wrong for lying to him.

One person wrote: "It’s not about the upgrade, it’s about respect. You thought his boundaries were stupid so you ignored them."

Someone else said: "You had the right intentions, but you’re also trying to control the situation and your partner. That’s not cool."

On a different Reddit thread, a man was slammed after he upgraded himself on a 12-hour flight, but left his wife in economy.

A luxury travel blogger previously admitted she left her kids in economy while she flew first class to long haul destinations like the Caribbean.

And four in 10 parents admit they would leave their kids in economy if they were given a free first class upgrade.

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