Woman slams boyfriend for booking her a surprise holiday – and people are surprisingly divided | The Sun

A WOMAN has slammed her boyfriend for booking a surprise holiday – and people are divided.

They explained that her partner bought them a week-long trip to Gran Canaria as a gift.

However, she said she "can't be bothered" to go on the trip and just wants to focus on Halloween and Christmas.

She reached out to parenting site Mumsnet to ask if she was being unreasonable.

She said: "My boyfriend has surprised me with a week's holiday in 4 weeks.

"He's booked us to go to Gran Canaria but I'm just not excited at all.

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"My summer feeling has gone and I'm ready for Halloween/Christmas.

"I just can't be excited for a holiday 6 weeks before Xmas when it's normally freezing and I'm in jumpers.

"I think the weather will be around 26/27 degrees and that's hot for me.

"There's going to be the hassle of having to sort through the summer bits again and I just can't be bothered tbh. Am I ungrateful?"

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A lot of people told the woman she was behaving unreasonably and suggested she should be more grateful.

One said: "You are being unreasonable. What a fun sponge."

Another wrote: "You are being totally ungrateful and unreasonable."

However, others were on the woman's side, saying she shouldn't have to feel grateful for something she didn't want.

One said: "I’m not sure why you need to be grateful for something you never asked for in the first place!"

A second added: "If you don't like hot weather, to be honest, it wasn't a very thoughtful surprise holiday!"

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