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A WOMAN has won praise after she stopped another passenger from swapping seats during a flight.

TikTok user Arleen shared a video who talked about controversial topic.

She shared her own story, which happened during a four-hour flight from Hawaii to Seattle.

Sitting in a premium economy row in the window seat, Arleen said another woman from 20 rows behind – in normal seats – asked the passenger sitting next to her to swap so she could sit with her friend in that row.

Arleen explained: "She looks at the Asian lady next to me and says, ‘Let’s switch seats. I’m back in [row] 26’”.

However she said they were in row eight which had unlimited drinks and snacks.

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She added: “[The woman] starts getting up, and I’m like, NO!”

Despite the stranger offering to switch her own window seat for the premium economy middle seat, Arleen said: "Row 26 is not premium economy, no."

She told the woman sitting next to her to sit back down, which she did, and lied to the stranger that they knew each other.

Arleen continued: "The lady in row 26 is kind of mad that she can't sit next to her friend, and was like 'you aren't travelling together, you made that up'."

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She then said she started speaking Cantonese to the woman next to her to pretend they were, despite her knowing it was the wrong language.

She finished by saying the woman responded in Japanese and they pretended to have a conversation, to where they told the other woman to go back to her own seat.

The video has had more than 2.8million and people loved her story.

One woman said: "Glad you were there, so that older lady was not taken advantage of."

Another said: "I cannot imagine asking someone to switch for a better seat in my favour. What is wrong with people?"

A third noted: "I've noticed how these people never want to downgrade to sit with their friend/partner."

Last year, a woman refused to swap seats with a family after they were split up during the flight.

And a man won praise for refusing to swap seats so a dad and son could sit next to each other.

A flight attendant has revealed they hate people who come to them for seat swapping.

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