Woman complains about 'very odd' hotel bathroom – but people are divided | The Sun

A WOMAN has asked if she was unreasonable to not want to use the toilet in her hotel because of a very strange design.

She explained on Mumsnet that she was staying in a four-star hotel in Barcelona with her husband.

However, on arrival, she noticed that the toilet had a huge gap on the side of the door and didn't close properly.

She said: "We may be married but I don't feel comfortable with doing my business in this toilet while he is in the room.

"Is this a standard setup in hotels in Spain or do you think I'm not being unreasonable and it's very odd?"

The image shows an opaque glass door to the toilet which has gap a few inches big.

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Some people understood where she was coming from – one person wrote: "Been in loads of 'trendy' hotels abroad where the en suite is all glass.

"Don't get it – I don't want to see or hear anybody in the bathroom."

Another suggested: "You could ask him to go on the balcony or leave the room whilst you do your business?"

However, most people said she was being unreasonable seeing as she was married to her partner.

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One person said: "You are married for goodness sake. I'm sure he won't spy on you having a wee."

Another said: "If neither one can cope with the other hearing noises from the bathroom you have issues."

A third asked: "How have you got as far as being married whilst being so concerned about things like this?"

Other people have shared the worst hotel bathrooms they've ever seen.

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Some baffled guests had doors that didn't open, carpeted walls and toilet holders too far from the toilet itself.

And a former hotel worker has revealed why you should always change the toilet roll in the bathroom.

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