Where is the Kulm Hotel St Moritz, can you stay there and when is it on Amazing Hotels?

The show is set to feature on the BBC's Amazing Hotels – here's the lowdown…

Where is the Kulm Hotel St Moritz?

You can find this snow capped hotel in Switzerland.

This luxury property is set within an idyllic backdrop of mountains.

The hotel's address is Via Veglia 18, 7500 St. Moritz, Switzerland.

Can you stay at the Kulm Hotel St Moritz?

Yes you can, but as you can imagine it is pricey.

For the more reserved traveller, you can book a standard room from £295 per night in the winter/spring months and £261 per night in the summer/autumn months.

But if you want to splash out you could book the presidential suite for £3600 per night in the winter/spring months and £2150 per night in the summer/autumn months.

When is The Kulm Hotel St Moritz on Amazing Hotels?

The hotel will feature in the festive edition of the show.

You can catch Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby Christmas Special on Thursday, December 13, at 9pm.

The one-hour show will give viewers an unprecedented look behind the scenes of hotels most people would only be able to dream about staying in.





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