Where is hot in January? Top holiday destinations for warm weather in 2020

BRITAIN'S wet and gloomy weather might make you wonder if winter will ever end.

If you're desperate for some sunshine, and don't fancy facing those post-Christmas blues, look no further than this handy guide for your January getaway.

Where is hot in January?

The hottest places in January tend to be long-haul destinations such as Cancun and Barbados.

But those keen to cut their carbon footprint – or flight time – might want to consider closer-to-home destinations.

European hotspots such as Tenerife and Lanzarote still offer warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine just a few hours' flight away.

Top holiday destinations for winter sun in 2020

The top ten hottest places in January are ranked by their average temperature per month.

Click on the links to find out more about the location – and why you might want to go there.

  • Singapore – 30.5C
  • Cancun – 30.5C
  • Manaus – 30C
  • Barbados – 29.1C
  • Rio de Janeiro – 29C
  • Sydney – 27.4C
  • Cape Town – 27C
  • Cape Verde – 25.2C
  • Tenerife – 21.1C
  • Playa Blanca – 20.5C

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