What type of traveller you are, based on your star sign – and your ideal holiday

With Covid travel rules relaxing, there has been a big (and welcome) spike in travel bookings for summer 2022 and beyond.

We are starting to broaden our horizons and think about travelling more seriously, perhaps for as long as two years for many.

But what clues can your star sign provide as to the type of traveller you are and where you ought to go?

Ahead, we dig into each star sign’s travel preferences and recommend their ideal holiday.

Aries: The partier

March 21 to April 20

Partying is definitely up there on your to-do list when you’re holidaying, and you love going to events, festivals, carnivals and mardi gras.

The bigger, bolder and brighter the better.

Aries remain young at heart and interested in having a blast, whatever age they are. You are always going to be drawn to the places with the most action.

Ideal holiday destinations for Aries: New Orleans, Berlin, Thailand.

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Taurus: The slow traveller

April 21 to May 21

The ‘slow travel’ trend is perfectly suited to the Taurean character.

It emphasises connection to local people, cultures, food, and music. It relies on the idea that a trip is meant to educate and have an emotional impact. And it also focuses on the mode of travel as being part of the experience.

Ideal holiday destinations for Taurus: Orient Express, cruises, train-hopping across Europe.

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Gemini: The young at heart traveller

May 22 to June 21

You are the Zodiac’s Peter Pan and love travelling to places that ~speak~ to your inner child. Fantasy, games, adventure, thrills, playfulness are all important to you.

Although adulting works, too – cocktails, great meals and sight-seeing are all on the agenda.

You kinda’ need it all, and whether that’s achieved via multi-destination-hopping or finding an all-inclusive resort that has it all, is your choice.

Ideal holiday destinations for Gemini: Any of the Disney World resorts; choose from Tokyo, Orlando, California, Shanghai, Paris etc.

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Cancer: The romantic

June 22 to July 23

You love romance and romantic settings, even if you’re travelling with friends or family, not a partner.

Your imagination is most inspired by charming, indulgent, quaint, and cosy settings where you can enjoy café culture, sit and people watch, flirt with attractive strangers, watch other couples doing their thing.

You take pleasure from imagining how other people live, and so places which let you spy (in the nicest way) on passersby work well.

Ideal holiday destinations for Cancer: Paris, Venice, Seville, Vienna

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Leo: The sunseeker

July 24 to August 23

Heat, sunshine, tropical climates, plenty of daylight and fresh air drive your choices.

You love to bask in the sun, like your spirit animal the lion, and watch the world go by.

And then, with a swish of your mane and tail, you flip into hunter mode and go out to find some action. Beachy venues with lots of extras to do work a treat.

Ideal holiday destinations for Leo: Mexico, Hawaii, Marbella, Australia

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Virgo: The culture lover

August 24 to September 23

History and culture really intrigues you because you’re, frankly, really nosy and love to understand (judge?) how other people live and even lived back then.

You enjoy knowing about other ways of life, comparing them to your own, looking for similarities and differences.

You are also the zodiac’s great student and love learning. Places with some history and depth work for you.

Ideal holiday destinations for Virgo: Florence, Athens, Budapest, Khajuraho

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Libra: The sophisticated one

September 24 to October 23

Ruled by Venus, you have a great eye for beauty, a sense of harmony and balance, a desire for pleasure and indulgence.

You’re not keen on roughing it or backpacking around places randomly. You want a well-organised journey, a smooth arrival, luxurious festivities, opportunities to meet interesting people, and plenty of relaxation (and shopping) to boot.

Ideal holiday destinations for Libra: Florence, Barossa Valley, Dubai, Guadalupe

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Scorpio: The fear finder

October 24 to November 22

You are fascinated by the spooky, paranormal, odd, dangerous, and murky side of life. You love a good ghost story, enjoy a spine-chiller, and feel genuine interest in feeling the real vibe and atmosphere of places with terrible histories.

Visiting haunted houses, perusing the scene of a murder, holding a séance at a celebrity grave… all of this sounds like fun! You are the OG dark tourist.

Ideal holiday destinations for Scorpio: Salem, London, Transylvania, Roswell

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Sagittarius: The free-spirited wanderer

November 23 to December 21

You can’t bear anything too structured when it comes to your vacation time. You just want a general destination, some free time and space to explore and investigate whatever crops up. No timetables or pre-planned excursions, thank you very much.

The whole point of travel, in your mind, is to explore and discover in the moment, enabling you to experience the very essence of the place in that time you’re there.

Backpacking and rail-hopping are great options.

Ideal holiday destinations for Sagittarius: Australia, India, Chile, Mexico

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Capricorn: The fancy first-class traveller

December 22 to January 21

Cap, you are a hound for the best of the best, the first class or VIP ticket, the exclusive, the luxury or sophisticated spot everyone wants to be at.

You have a work hard, play hard approach to life. You work really hard and don’t take that much time for yourself, but, when you do, it’s got to be enviable and guaranteed high quality.

You’re likely to head wherever the rich list are heading.

Ideal holiday destinations for Capricorn: The Seychelles, The Maldives, Aspen, St Barths

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Aquarius: The trendy traveller

January 22 to February 19

Eccentric, quirky, unique. These are words people bandy about when they describe you, and it applies to your travel style and choices too.

You don’t like to follow the beaten path or head where the crowds are. You’re a natural ‘early adopter’, which means you’re always slightly ahead of the rest of us.

Whatever is the undiscovered secret place that only those in the know are going is where you’ll be found.

Ideal holiday destinations for Aquarius: Japan, Seoul, Seattle, Bhutan

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Pisces: The zen seeker

February 20 to March 20

Holidays are all about escapism for you, and recharging your heavily worn batteries and ability to deal with the cold, hard world we live in.

You are a tender soul and need a regular time out to rest and rejuvenate. Your natural empath abilities mean your holiday locations need to be stress-free, chill, and ideally even geared to specifically relax you.

Yoga retreats are a major yes.

Ideal holiday destinations for Pisces: Bali, Goa, Thailand, Greece

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