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TAKING off soon? You may have wondered what to wear to the airport.

If you have a trip on the horizon and don't know what to wear to travel, we have got you sorted.

What should I wear to the airport?

Picking an airport-appropriate outfit is all about comfort.

If you aren't soaking up the deals in duty-free, you will want to sit back and relax with a coffee while waiting to fly.

Plus, once you've got on the plane, getting cosy is a must, especially if it's long haul. 

Is there a dress code at the airport?

While there are no official airline rules on what you can and can't wear, there are some unspoken guidelines, as passengers have been kicked off a flight for their choice of clothing.

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On the flip side, your clothes could play in your favour as some outfits could bag you a free upgrade.

If you can, avoid dirty or torn clothes, anything with slogans that may be deemed offensive or contain any rude language

Some airlines do allow flip-flops, but others may not accept you on board if you're wearing beach attire or something too revealing.

You will find most airport lounges will accept any type of clothing as long as it is clean and presentable.

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If you are unsure about an airport lounge dress code, then it's good to double-check ahead of time.

What clothes can I wear on a flight?

Most airlines don't provide any official guidance on what their staff will consider appropriate in-flight attire.

However, if your destination has specific laws or local customs around clothing, then an airline may expect passengers to adhere to these before boarding.

For example, Qatar Airways have a dress code as the mid-point is a conservative Muslim country.

If passengers visit Doha as a stopover, they must observe the strict dress codes which include no sleeveless shirts, and pants must be no higher than your knees.

Be sure to check the rules for your destination and if you're unsure you can get in touch with a tour operator or the airline directly.

You should opt for clothes which are comfortable such as jeans and a nice top.

Bring layers – flights can get chilly and if you do experience a member of the cabin crew asking you to cover up, you're already prepared.

Overall, think smart casual.

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