Traveller shares disgusting photo of man's hideous bare feet under their seat – and people are all saying the same thing

A PASSENGER was left stunned after the person behind them put their disgusting-looking bare feet underneath their seat during a flight.

The image of the dirty toes sparked horror in other travellers, who were just as grossed out.

Posted to Reddit by user Brownshout, they shared it with the caption: "The joys of international travel".

The picture, taken from above, shows the stranger's bare feet in between the woman's, as they pushed them underneath her seat.

The dirty toenails can be seen, with the person's toes also wonky and deformed.

More than 2,600 people have commented on the gruesome picture.

One person wrote: "Are those feet from the troll that lives under the seat?!"

Another said: "Yeah I would casually accidentally step on their foot."

Someone else agreed, adding: "Honestly I would just be like 'get your nasty f****** feet out of my space, that is so rude,' I really don't think I could tolerate that."

Lots of people said they would "accidentally" spill a drink on them, while others joked they were like something from a Stephen King novel.

Sadly, passengers with bare feet are not a rare occurrence on planes.

In 2019, a passenger was snapped with her bare feet sitting on a fellow traveller's headrest while she slept.

And in 2020, a flyer sparked outrage after they used another traveller's armrest to proper up their bare feet.

Earlier this year, a passenger was praised for his reaction to the person behind him putting their feet on his arm rest.

Experts have also warned travellers to never be barefoot on a plane.

Podiatrist Ebonie Vincent said that being barefoot leaves travellers exposed to bad bacteria.

She told the Washington Post: "You could pick up fungus, not to mention the millions of germs and bacteria that you could transfer to carpets, inside hotel rooms or homes and cars, which serves as a danger to other people.

Going barefoot isn't only unhygienic, but could risk your safety if there is a plane crash.

Tony Kuna, who used to work as as a member of the cabin crew, explained: "During an emergency, all sorts of debris and unpleasant ground surfaces will block your way towards the exit, as well as outside the aircraft."

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