Travel agent reveals clever parent hack when visiting Disney World for parents of young kids

PARENTS taking their young kids to Disney World have praised an amazing tip to make the trip much easier.

Travel agent Lesley shared the advice on her TikTok account, with her two top tips when visiting with a buggy.

She told her 145k followers: "Your stroller might not be in the same place that you left it when you come off an attraction.

"Make it easy to spot your stroller in the sea of strollers with a balloon or ribbon."

Staff often have to move the pushchairs to make more room, or if some are blocking an emergency exit.

Some mums praised the advice, with one woman saying: "Watching this after we got back from Disney. We couldn't find it once. haha. Next time."

Another agreed: "I wish I knew this before I went to Disneyland this week. I was like someone really stole my stroller."

Some even shared their own tips, with them using glow sticks and fairy lights when visiting and it gets dark.

However, others joked about their own hack for it.

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One person said: "Fave stroller hack = no kids."

Lesley also revealed a trick to organising snacks and drinks for little ones.

She said: "Pick up one of those shoe organiser things, cut off the bottom and attach it to your stroller for easy organisation."

Disney introduced new buggy rules back in 2019.

Parents with young kids will need to make sure that pushchairs are no bigger than 79cm x 132 cm – any bigger and they won't be allowed into the park.

Stroller wagons, which some parents use for older toddlers, will also be banned.

Disney said that guests will be able to rent strollers for $15 a day (£11.48) to avoid falling foul of the new rules.

Here are some other parents tricks and hacks when visiting Disney World with kids.

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