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GOING on holiday to a hot country means shorts and t-shirts all the way… once you get past the ice-cold plane journey.

And a flight attendant has explained why the cabin is often so cold on the plane.

Flight attendant Kristie Koerbel previously told the New York Times:"Here is a flight attendant secret: We sometimes keep the airplane cold intentionally.

"For people who struggle with airsickness, heat makes it worse. We don’t want anyone to use those sick sacks."

According to experts, low temperatures on planes can also stop passengers from passing out.

The study by ASTM International found that passengers would faint more easily while flying because of a medical condition known as hypoxia.

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Fainting happens when the body tissue doesn’t get enough oxygen, and the condition is made worse by high cabin pressure and warm temperatures.

In order to curb the number of incidents, airlines decided to make their cabins chilly after take-off.

Hypoxia can even cause plane crashes – in 2005, a flight from Cyprus to Greece lost cabin pressure, which led to the crew passing out and the eventual crash of the plane killing everyone onboard.

Heidi Ferguson, who has been a flight attendant for 20 years, revealed why some plane seats get colder than others.

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She told Best Life: "The coldest seats on the plane are window seats.

"The vent system is right above the windows, and the air temperature is cranked down super low on most flights."

Heidi revealed how she makes sure to stay warm if you are ever sat under the vents.

She added: "I bring a pack of tissues with me and shove them in the vents for a far more comfortable experience. Just don't forget to take them out when you leave."

And TikTok flight attendant Victoria added to avoid rows seven to 15, as these can be colder too.

Try and stay away from the exit rows too – they can be colder as well.

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