The new 'Private Jet Experience' in LA is a fake replica of a Gulfstream G3 designed just for taking selfies

Case in point is the new "Private Jet Experience” in LA.

Los Angeles based Internet entrepreneur and artist Matty Mo has built a replica of the interior a Gulfstream G3 jet for the public to visit.

It doesn't go anywhere – it was built solely for the purpose of taking that ultimate selfie.

When it opened this weekend in the Fred Segal store in Los Angeles, a steady flow of wannabe jetsetters turned up to take snaps for their Instagram and Snapchat pages.

Complete with luxury faux leather seats, deep pile carpet, and plane windows, only the most eagle-eyed of social media users would be able to spot that it's a fake.

The fake jet will be transported to 30 locations over the next 12 months so people in other cities can take their own snaps.

Matty Mo said: "The Private Jet Experience was created because we wanted to be able to take pictures on a private jet like all of the celebrities we see online.

"Most people cannot afford a real jet, so we made one that democratises access to a backdrop previously reserved for the rich and famous."

The homemade cabin will never fly though, instead packing up into the back of a small van.

If you still want the real private jet experience, there's a way of getting it for a discounted price – fly with Ryanair.

You can hire a whole Ryanair plane from £4,417 an hour.

The service includes 'fine dining' – although passengers will have to pay extra for it, much like on a normal Ryanair flight.

Or hope you're as lucky as this passenger, who bought a standard ticket for a commercial flight and got an entire plane to herself.

Alternatively, just scroll through the hashtag #richkidsofinstagram and daydream about what it would be like on one of their jets.

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