The holiday guru solves traveller queries

Hitchhiking along the Mississippi River, airport transfers in Positano and travelling to Cuba from the US: The holiday guru solves traveller queries

  • Greyhound buses are a safer option to get a flavour of life by the Mississippi 
  • You can’t travel directly from the U.S to Cuba for tourism activities under U.S law 
  • Catch the train from Naples to Sorrento and then a 35-minute ferry to Positano 

Q. I would like to hitchhike or catch buses following the Mississippi River. What do you recommend? I am 66.

Tommy MacDonald, Chelsea, London

Long and winding: The Mississippi River is one of the longest river’s in the world 

A. Hitchhiking could be risky, as well as tiring. 

Rides on Greyhound buses from Minneapolis in Minnesota to New Orleans in Louisiana, stopping for a few days at St Louis in Missouri and Memphis, Tennessee, to get a flavour of life by the river, would come to about £200-£250 (

Q. We are going to a wedding in Positano in Italy, flying in to Naples. Can you advise on the best, and cheapest, way to get there from the airport?

Mrs Sam Pugh, via email.

Pretty as a picture: Take a 35-minute ferry from Sorrento to Positano (above) for £18 

A. For an adventure, take the 20-minute airport bus (£4.30) to Garibaldi Station in Naples. 

Then catch a 68-minute Circumvesuviana train to Sorrento (£3.90). From Sorrento, it’s a 35-minute ferry to Positano (£18, 

Or, much easier, a shared shuttle bus direct to your Positano hotel is from £48 for two (

Q. We want to go to Florida for a holiday, then hop over to Cuba for a week before flying back to Florida. Can we do this?

Chrissie Mobbs, via email.

Colourful: If you fly direct to Cuba from the UK, you need a ‘tourist card’ costing £25

A. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office says: ‘Travelling for tourism reasons directly from the U.S. to Cuba is not allowed under U.S. law.’ See 

If you fly direct to Cuba from the UK, you need a ‘tourist card’. These cost £25 (

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