The grim reason you should never drink water from your hotel bathroom

A HOTEL worker has revealed the grim reason you should never drink the tap water from your hotel bathroom.

A TikTok user with the handle @hotel_hacks_ has shared a piece of advice for guests.

She revealed that taps and sinks are cleaned using the same rag as everything else in the hotel bathroom – including the toilet.

The hotel worker said: "First things first, when you check into your room and you go into the bathroom, do not drink the tap water, and I'll tell you why."

She showed a picture of someone cleaning a bathroom, and continued: "You see this down here?

"Yeah, that does not happen. There's no Lysol, there's no cleaning.

"If the guest before you didn't use the sink, they're not going to clean it.

"And if they do, it's with the same dirty rag they use to clean the entire bathroom – toilet included.

"So here's a tip: bring your own water… or the hotel might have a convenience store or bodega type of thing."

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"Or just ask us at the front desk, trust me we don't care, we'll give you free water."

The video has been watched more than 500,000 times and comments have poured in from other hotel workers.

One wrote: "The chain I worked for trained us this way – same sponge for inside toilet same for sinks, counters.

"It's for time – 30-40 rooms to clean in eight hours."

Another commented: "I did housekeeping and you ain't lying girl… and it only gets worse from there!"

A third wrote: "Yup and I don't think from the glasses either, I use the plastic cups. There's no dish soap on the carts to clean them."

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