The dangerous new trend among flight attendants that’s risking passengers’ lives | The Sun

IT'S hard to find a flight attendant who isn't on Tiktok these days, but some of them are sharing way too much information.

While most people view it as harmless fun, there's a lot of reasons why flight attendants shouldn't be sharing every detail about their life and their job.

In this week's blog for Sun Online Travel, I'll explain why cabin crew oversharing on Tiktok is such a big deal and how far airlines are going to try and stop it from happening.

Tiktok has been a massive issue for flight attendants recently.

People flying around the world think it's great to post every little tiny detail, no matter what it is, without thinking about it.

It can be very dangerous, especially with people revealing airline secrets. Everybody wants that viral video, but some of them put us and passengers at risk while trying to get it.

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There are loads of videos about flight attendants' sleep areas on planes, where and when we rest, and it can really be a problem if passengers know how to get into those cabins.

It could be a huge risk to passengers if people know where we are, when we're resting and how to get to us all the time. Tiktok has almost become the perfect resource for people who want that information.

Also, if people know how to get access to the cockpit, or learn how to operate certain systems on board the plane, then they could use that information in any way they wanted. Not all of it positive.

A lot of airlines have really tried to stamp it out and some even have their own teams dedicated to finding videos like that online and taking them down, it's that serious.

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Most airlines have also started punishing flight attendants who do it, including some sackings, while social media training is becoming more and more important.

These are airline secrets for a reason and we need to stop people sharing them because it really puts the cabin crew, along with the passengers, in a dangerous position.

It has also attracted people to the job who aren't necessarily in it for the right reasons.

One airline recently had to sack two girls because they were filming a Tiktok while doing trolley service in front of passengers.

It doesn't matter if people think your job's constantly fun and glamorous, just do the job first and then think about what you want to share online.

Cabin crew is starting to become a more popular job because of people on sharing videos online, but if you're just there to show up and get content, it could be really dangerous, especially if your first thought isn't the safety of the people on board.

It can also really minimise your own personal safety if everyone knows who you are and who you work for too.

If you're sharing your whole life on social media, it makes it easier for stalkers to track you, which they have been known to do on several occasions.

We've been advised to keep our identities and our content as hidden and private as possible because it is becoming more and more of a safety concern.

So for anyone thinking about becoming a flight attendant, please make sure you're doing it for the right reasons and not just to boost yourself online.

We're only interested in working with people who are going to keep people safe and ensure they have a nice flight, and not those who are going to be a security risk for us and our passengers.

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