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A TRAVEL writer has revealed the clever gadget that will save you hundreds of your holiday.

Packing your suitcase badly could result in an expensive surprise at the airport.

Many budget airlines charge a huge amount if your bag weighs too much at check-in.

This can be as much as £18 per kg over the limit, or even hundreds of pounds if flying with airlines such as KLM, Lufthansa or Delta.

Airlines such as Ryanair charge £11 per kilo while easyJet and Jet2 £12 and TUI anywhere between £13 and £18 per kilo.

However, there is a clever way you can avoid this cost before you leave for the airport – with a cheap gadget.

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Sun Travel Editor Lisa Minot said: "A digital luggage scale is my go-to travel gadget and one I’ve used hundreds of times in my 23 years as a travel journalist.

"It’s a simple little device you hook round your suitcase handle and simply lift to weigh your case.

"After just a second or two the digital display instantly reveals the case’s weight so you can reassure yourself you’re within your limit.

"With a dizzying array of different luggage weight allowances on airlines flying from the UK it can be easy to get caught ou which can cost you hundreds.

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"This nifty little gadget instantly tells you how much your case weighs and is small enough to be tucked in the case to weigh your luggage on the way home to check those trinkets and treats you splashed out on haven’t tipped you over the edge."

Other travellers agreed – Lydia Mansel said on CN Traveler: "I just hook the scale to my luggage handle, weigh the bag, and receive reassurance that I haven’t overpacked.

"It’s also small enough to bring with me; if I pick up anything at my destination, I can reweigh my bag and make any necessary adjustments."

They cost as little as £3.99 on Amazon so won't break the bank.

And even better, they fit in your suitcase so you don't have to worry when returning home

One man was spotted using a very cheeky method to avoid paying for overweight luggage – by sneakily lifting it with his shoe at the check-in desk.

Or you can do what one woman did and pile on as many clothes as possible to bring the weight of the luggage down.

Here are five other ways to avoid baggage charges.

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