Six simple hacks for getting cheaper flights revealed

Has the cold and windy UK weather got you dreaming of warmer climes?

Perhaps you’re planning to book a summer holiday in the next few weeks – to have something to look forward to.

Or maybe you’re hoping for a last-minute half term getaway?

Trips abroad are finally an option again after various restrictions coming in and out of place – so if you’re out of touch with how to get the best flight deals, Wizz Air has offered some tips.

The team at the budget airline have rounded up six ways you can land cheaper tickets.

This is everything to keep in mind when booking:

Switch up currencies

Wizz Air says to look at the different ‘strengths’ of currencies at the time of booking.

This is because you might get a cheaper deal booking your flight in the currency of your destination, rather than your current one.

If you compare the prices of Sterling vs Euro, for example, you may find substantial savings – especially if the airline is based and operates overseas.

Fly with flexibility

When booking anything, peak times are usually more expensive.

But if you’re prepared to be a little flexible with dates and times, you can save money.

Often airlines will offer the ‘flexible with dates’ option in the search function – so you can compare prices of different flights.

Wizz Air also points out that night flights are often cheaper than day ones – and changing up which airport you fly to (and from) can also help to save the pennies.

Look into one-way tickets

Making two separate bookings instead of one return trip can sometimes work out cheaper.

This might not be the case all the time, but it’s worth searching for one return and two separate bookings, across two tabs, when looking for the best deals.

Plan ahead

While last-minute deals do exist, planning ahead of time usually gets you a cheaper price.

Wizz Air stresses that flight prices tend to increase the closer it gets to take off – especially if it’s receiving a lot of interest.

The airline recommends booking up to eight weeks in advance, as this is the cheapest time to book.

Break up bookings

The Wizz Air team say when several people are travelling as a group, flights are likely to be more expensive – as an airline’s algorithm will automatically seat the party together. 

As a result, booking individually can be the most cost-effective method – if you’re willing to put the time in.

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