Shock moment boy goes on airport rampage and chucks bags off luggage carousel – but hero worker saves frazzled mum | The Sun

THIS is the shocking moment a young boy hurled the bags off a luggage carousel in an airport rampage before a hero worker stepped in to help his frazzled mum.

Footage showed the youngster leaping onto the conveyer belt and running around – despite his exasperated mum yelling at him to get down.

Passengers watched on as the boy wandered around on the carousel before grabbing a person's suitcase and dragging it off.

"Get off now," the mother could be heard yelling.

"Get off there now or I'll come get you."

The boy replied: "No you won't."

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It wasn't until a worker at Melbourne Airport jumped on the tannoy system that the boy started to behave himself.

The staff member could be heard saying over speaker: "Hi everyone, can the parents please control that child that's going around on the carousel at carousel number four.

"We have security and the police coming to talk with you.

"Please get your child off the carousel, thank you."

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And after hearing the cops were on their way, the youngster hopped off the luggage carousel.

Many people applauded the quick-thinking airport worker for using the PA system to get him to behave.

One said: "Lady on the PA must be a mum… she saw what she needed to.

"Kid got off at the mention of the police."

Another commented: "Bro pooped himself when he heard the police are coming to talk to him."

Others were left shocked by the boy's behaviour.

One said: "If that was me as a kid I would have been belted into next week."

Another wrote: "My mum would have uppercut me in front of all those people."

A third joked: "That reminds me to take my pill."

An airport spokesperson said anyone climbing on the luggage carousels risk serious injury.

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"The safety of passengers and staff is paramount," a spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia.

"Anyone climbing onto baggage carousels risks causing themselves serious injury."

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