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A WOMAN has divided opinion after a person on a plane told her not to recline her seat so she could use her laptop during a flight.

The TikTok user, who goes by the name "" shared her story while travelling on a six-hour flight.

In a video she said: "So I recline my seat and the girl behind me IMMEDIATELY tells me that she can't use her laptop if I recline (didn't ask me to unrecline – more of a statement with the expectation.

"So I put the seat back to normal although I want it reclined for this six hour flight. Let it go?"

The video has been seen more than 620,000 times, but people were divided about who was in the right.

Some people agreed with the woman – one wrote: "If the chair can recline, then you can.

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"It's ridiculous to think you have to stay uncomfortable based on what the joker behind you wants."

A second user added: "Once had a tall bloke demand I didn’t recline on an overnight flight to St Lucia. No chance. Pay for extra legroom or don’t go."

A cabin crew member also got involved in the argument, calling it "petty".

They said: "They have the right to recline. You can recline too. You want everyone to accommodate you?"

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However others said the TikTok user was in the wrong, arguing it wasn't fair on the person sitting behind her.

One person explained: "Reclining chairs shouldn’t be allowed in economy! It is just a pain for the person behind you (especially people who are tall and have long legs!"

A frequent flyer agreed: "I never recline my seat out of respect for those behind me. The recline doesn’t make much difference for you anyways."

Someone else also said: "Lmao you don’t need to recline for a 6 hour flight. You will survive."

Lots of people agreed that the only time to recline is during long night flights to sleep, but not for the rest of the flight.

In 2020, a passenger was left fuming when his Apple MacBook Pro was destroyed during a flight – after the person in front reclined their seat.

Etiquette experts have explained when you should recline your seat, and when you should not.

And experts have also revealed why you should never recline all the way back – as it's not the best way to sleep.

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