Rory Feek's Daughter Hopie Marries Fiancée Wendy on Family Farm in Tennessee

Hopie Feek is a married woman!

On Oct. 27, Hopie — the daughter of country singer-songwriter and author Rory Feek — said “I do” to her fiancée Wendy at the Feek family farm in Pottsville, Tennesee.

“What a beautiful and perfect day that was. I’m SO HAPPY for Hopie and Wendy!” Hopie’s sister Heidi wrote on Instagram earlier this month. In the sweet photographs, Hopie wears a floor-length wedding gown embroidered with colorful flowers.

Hopie’s bridal party wore burnt orange dresses and carried sunflowers while Wendy’s bridal party wore white shirts, red ties and suspenders and dark pants. Rory is seen in the photos wearing his signature denim overalls.

Rory’s youngest daughter Indiana, 4, served as flower girl and wore a white dress and pigtails for her adorable walk down the aisle.

In emotional snaps, Hopie — who helped pin a boutonnière on her dad — can be seen getting emotional during the ceremony and reception.

Rory, 53, revealed to CBS Sunday Morning earlier this year that just days after his wife Joey Feek lost her brave battle with cancer at age 40 in March 2016, he could tell Hopie had something important she wanted to tell him.

“I said, ‘Just tell me, Hopie,’ ” Feek, 53, remarked. “And she went on to tell me that her friend Wendy was more than her friend, that Wendy and [she] had been dating for almost a year. And that she was in love.”

Hopie and Wendy later got engaged, with Rory’s daughter Heidi, 31, sharing on Instagram in December, “My lilsis Hopie and her fiancé Wendy bought a house here in Florence today…this is from when they got engaged…idk if u can tell that I approve or not but I do. ??? Im so pumped that we are both here in Alabama and I hope we can convince all our friends and fam to move here and take over the whole town.”

After telling her father about her relationship, Hopie was afraid that he would judge her, and wondered whether he would still love her, the family shared on CBS Sunday Morning.

“And my first reaction, honestly, was I don’t know,” Rory remarked. “Because my conservative Christian faith that saved me — the first reaction is that challenges that immensely.”

Continuing, he asked himself, “Am I supposed to shun my child now and say, ‘No, you can’t be in my life until you come around to thinking like I’m thinking?’ “

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During the CBS interview, Rory mentioned she could see the “panic” register on her father’s face but understood where he was coming from.

While he did initially struggle with accepting his daughter’s sexuality, Rory came to understand his only job is “to love her.”

“The only thing I try to keep in mind is it’s her life, it’s her choice, it’s her faith,” he explained. “And my job is to love her even when it’s hard.”

Speaking with PEOPLE in August 2016 — six months after her step-mother’s death in March of that year — Hopie reflected on the impact Joey had on her life. “She was the first woman I could actually look up to,” Hopie said.

Underneath a canopy of trees on the Feek family farm, Joey is buried in a wooden box — her last dying wish. “I feel my wife’s presence here all the time,” Rory told PEOPLE in 2016. 

Half of the country singing duo Joey+Rory, Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer in May 2014, three months after giving birth to the couple’s now-4-year-old daughter Indiana, who was born with Down syndrome.

“I’d like to think that Joey is proud of how I’m doing — how we’re all doing, especially Indiana,” Feek told PEOPLE about his new life as a single father. “She took so much pride in the work of being a mama to Indy, and I find myself thinking of her every day, all day long in the time that Indy and I spend together and the things we do, wondering how she would handle this, or do that.”

He added, “I remember how present Joey was and am trying to be that way too.”

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