Revealed: The summer holiday essentials you never knew you needed

The summer holiday essentials you never knew you needed, from roll-up shoes to a portable fan that hangs around your neck…

  • Noise-cancelling headphones are a must for flights – try a JBL Tune 760 NC pair
  • Antler’s sturdy Clifton medium suitcase is made to survive the hold of a plane 
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With the summer holidays in full swing, many of us are on the move. 

Whether that’s a staycation or heading to Europe and beyond, travelling isn’t always the smoothest of experiences. 

So here is our pick of the best travel products to keep your holiday on track from departure to arrival.


Travelling in pyjamas is all the rage with celebrities, from Game of Thrones actor Sophie Turner to footballer Erling Haaland sporting expensive varieties. 

Travel in comfortable pyjamas this summer, with fashion brand Nologo (above) offering a chic printed range 

A little more reasonable, though, is Desmond and Dempsey’s set. Made from breathable linen, it is designed to be worn 24 hours a day. For something a little louder go wild with Nologo’s jungle-print pyjamas (£55,

Details: Desmond and Dempsey Lounge Set from £210 at


Noise-cancelling headphones are a must when flying, and a great budget pair is the JBL Tune 760 NC (£59.99, However, for travelling in general, it might be worth trying the Shokz OpenFit open-ear headphones. They are comfortable, lightweight and offer the same immersive sound quality as traditional models while not shutting you off from the world outside.

Details: Shokz OpenFit from £179 at


The TheraFace Pro is a compact device that offers eight skincare treatments, including LED light therapy and a facial massage 

Travelling can be tough on the skin, and the liquids limit on our usual products at airports doesn’t get scrapped until summer next year. Worry not: the TheraFace Pro is a compact device which offers eight skincare treatments, including LED light therapy and a facial massage, and can be packed into a small bag for hand luggage.

Details: The TheraFace Pro is from £375 at


The Boomcube 15 is about as cheap as portable speakers get. The compact device is also water-resistant, has a 14-hour battery life, stereo-pairing for better sound quality and comes in two colours.

Details: The Kitsound Boomcube 15 is from £19.99 at


The Jisulife Portable Neck Fan (above) directs a refreshingly cool breeze upwards

Soaring temperatures in Europe and across the globe have been well reported this summer, so staying cool is more important than ever. One good option for this is a hanging, portable neck fan which directs a refreshingly cool breeze upwards.

Details: Jisulife Portable Neck Fan is from £31.99 at


Vivo’s mission is ‘to help people connect with the world around them’, which might sound lofty for a shoe company. But its shoes are made to be wide, thin and flexible for comfort while also being as close to walking barefoot as possible. Some products (which range from walking boots to sandals) also roll up, making them easy to pack.

Details: Vivo’s everyday Geo Court III is from £105 at


Phizz’s effervescent, dissolvable tablets are packed with vitamins and electrolytes 

Rugged: The Antler suitcase is made to survive the rigours of a plane’s hold

Long-haul flights often leave us tired and jet-lagged, but Phizz’s effervescent, dissolvable tablets aim to combat this. The brand’s new caffeine boost is packed with vitamins, electrolytes, slow-release caffeine and helps the body absorb water three times faster.

Details: Three tubes of Phizz Caffeine Boost from £19.99 at


All good holidays start with packing, so a sturdy, secure and practical bag is a must. Antler’s Clifton medium suitcase is made to survive a plane’s hold – the wheelie bag is strong, light and easy to manoeuvre with handy compartment nets inside. Even better, the full range, which comes in a variety colours, is now 20 per cent off.

Details: The Clifton medium suitcase is from £168 at


There’s nothing worse than being slapped with a fine for having luggage that’s too big. And extra bags are only getting more expensive. So it’s handy that Anode’s rugged 30l underseat cabin bag is guaranteed to fit below the seat in front and keep you out of trouble.

Details: Anode’s 30l Twinwheel Underseat Case is £44.95 at


Activity-based holidays are being embraced by travellers across the UK. But it’s not all scuba diving and waterskiing – wild swimming and cold-water therapy workshops are on the rise. To keep you warm after these activities, the Dryrobe is a great option. It is insulated and has a loose fit to make changing easier. It’s not the easiest thing to pack, but it’ll be of use in cooler climes.

Details: Dryrobe Advance Change Robe from £160 at

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