Photographer's stunning pictures of trains in epic landscapes

Double-storey viaducts and magically misty valleys: Photographer’s stunning pictures of trains in epic European landscapes

  • Tamas Rizsavi, 29, from Hungary, has been travelling cross Europe for the past five years snapping trains
  • The trips are a kind of busman’s holiday for Tamas, as he’s a locomotive engineer in his home city of Budapest
  • Tamas explained: ‘It’s not easy to take these pictures. You have to find a special train and the perfect location’ 

When it comes to creating incredible images of trains, Tamas Rizsavi is definitely on the right track.

As is manifestly evident from his breathtaking portfolio.

For the past five years, the 29-year-old, from Hungary, has travelled around Europe – sometimes by railway, but also by car and plane – snapping stunning photos of trains in jaw-dropping landscapes.

His amazing collection includes shots of trains weaving their way around Swiss mountains, trundling over jaw-dropping bridges in Austria and manoeuvring their way through enchantingly misty Hungarian vistas.

Train-aficionado Tamas – who also happens to be a locomotive engineer – told MailOnline Travel: ‘It’s not easy to take these pictures. You have to find a special train, the perfect location and have suitable weather. I’ve come home so many times and the picture that I’ve wanted has failed. But when it does succeed, it’s a huge pleasure.’

Hop on board and scroll down to see some of his incredible images…

This incredible drone shot shows a train rumbling over the epic double-storey Kalte Rinne viaduct near the town of Breitenstein on Austria’s breathtaking Semmering railway, which crosses 16 major viaducts and over 100 smaller bridges as it snakes for 41km (25 miles) between Lower Austria and Styria. The line has been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1998

A jaw-dropping nighttime shot of the curving Kalte Rinne viaduct. Tamas said: ‘I’ve come home so many times and the picture that I’ve wanted has failed. But when it does succeed, it’s a huge pleasure’

Rays of sunshine reach out over the trees to a train on the Semmering line, which was constructed by 20,000 workers between 1848 and 1854. Its highest point is 895m (2,936ft) above sea level

A train blurs through a beautiful valley in Switzerland on the country’s Rhaetian Railway, which has been running since 1889, according to its website. Thirty per cent of the network lies above 1,500m (4,921ft)

Tamas said: ‘I have loved trains since my childhood. I attended a special school where I learned all about the railway and obtained my train driver’s licence.’ Pictured is the Rhaetian Railway’s stunning 65m-high (213ft) Landwasser Viaduct, which opened in 1909. The bridge lies on a stretch of line that’s been Unesco-listed since 2008

Switzerland’s 89m (292ft) high Wiesen Viaduct which, thrillingly, you can cross on foot via a segregated walkway

Thirty per cent of Switzerland’s Rhaetian Railway, pictured, holds Unesco World Heritage status

In order to get the perfect shot, Tamas said you have to ‘find a special train, the perfect location and have suitable weather’. Pictured is the Rhaetian Railway, which seemingly looks spectacular whatever the weather

Dedication: So far, Tamas has travelled to five countries across Europe to take train pictures. This electrifying image was taken in Switzerland

Pictured is one of the most dazzling architectural gems of the Rhaetian Railway – the Brusio spiral viaduct, which was built in 1908 to allow trains to navigate a steep part of the landscape along a gradient that didn’t exceed the seven per cent maximum

This atmospheric shot, with its oil-painting sky and brown-and-white landscape, was taken in Biatorbagy, a town close to Budapest 

This magical picture shows the Brenner Railway on the border between Italy and Austria. The Brenner line runs between Innsbruck and Verona

To see more of Tamas’s work visit his Facebook page and his Instagram account. 

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